How to Display the IAMX Validated Logo


Your company is now IAMX-Validated. Your displaying qualifications and credentials have been verified to be correct, current and accurate, with their back-up documents readily viewable in your company profile.

Make the most of your IAMX-Validated status by helping promote it yourself through the following subtle but effective self-promoting ways:

Trusted Worldwide
  1. A Validated listing is the most targeted advertising you can buy to reach industry professionals searching f1. Embed a link to your IAMX company profile so your colleagues and customers can check your company details and qualifications instantly by clicking on the link. Watch this short tutorial video: Linking to Your IAMX Validation Profile to learn how.
  2. Use the IAMX-Validation logo properly and strategically:

  • In your E-Mail Signature – Have your company e-mail signature line feature the IAMX-Validated logo
  • On your Business Cards – Have your business cards display the IAMX-Validated logo
  • In your Advertisements – Have your magazine, newsletter and digital advertisements feature the IAMX-Validated logo
  • On your Website – Have your website promote the IAMX-Validated logo and what it means.

Through IAMX Validation, IAM has already done the extra work for you. The IAMX-Validated logo is your reassurance and guarantee to your industry colleagues that your company is trustworthy.

Display your IAMX-Validated logo. Partner with IAMX-Validated companies like you.  

IAMX Validated Logo Files