IAMX Sponsored Placements

IAMX hosts over 100,000 location-based searches annually. Our data analytics clearly show that top listings in our IAMX Search Results pages get the most traffic: more e-mail clicks, more website clicks, and more company profile clicks. There is enough conclusive data that proves being the top listing helps a company gain greater attention and generate more business. View the traffic data analytics for your location and your company at IAMX Data Analytics.

Now you can move your company listing to the top of our IAMX Search Results pages through our IAMX-Sponsored Placement Program.

Here is how it works:

  1. A company must be an IAM Member and IAMX-Validated to participate.
  2. Service Providers may only move their listing within the Country, State, City of their IAM Membership. For example, an IAM Member in Spain cannot have a Sponsored Placement in France but an IAM Member in Barcelona can have a Sponsored Placement in any search for a Spain location.
  3. IAM Supplier Members may have a Sponsored Placement in any search result. An insurance company offering services worldwide, for example, can display their Sponsored Placement in any search worldwide or fine-tune their placement by either including or excluding locations.
  4. Sponsored Placements may include one Tag Line of 70 characters or less which will display in a blue bar at the bottom of the company listing. This is the only allowed addition to the normal company listing.
  5. As only one listing can hold the top position, only one Sponsored Placement is allowed per Search Results page. This is the only change in the prioritization process in place. The listing sequence below the Sponsored Placement will remain as is.

Sponsored Placement Bidding Process

Sponsored Placement Settings
IAMX uses algorithms that determine when a Sponsored Placement is used and displayed.

Important terms and information to know:

  1. Monthly Budget: the maximum billable amount for placements during a month.
  2. Daily Budget: monthly budget amount divided by 30.4. (Example: a monthly budget of $200 will equal a daily budget of $6.58.)
  3. Bid Amount: the amount the sponsor can bid for each placement. (Minimum bid is US$0.50.)
  4. Searching FOR and Searching FROM; How to best target placements in both categories:
    • Searching FOR: The display ad to users searching FOR can be set to either an INCLUSION or EXCLUSION list.
      • Use an inclusion list if you want to target specific searched FOR locations and wish to specify each location. For example, if you are a moving company in Paris, France, you may want to set an inclusion for just Paris, France. If you want to cover all of France, you can select France as the inclusion. If you are a packing material supplier located in Miami, Florida that services all of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, you may find it useful to include all these specific locations.
      • Use an exclusion list if you want to cover searches for most locations but want to exclude specific locations.
    • N.B. If no values are entered here, the system will display the Sponsored Placement for ALL searched FOR locations.
    • Searching FROM: The display ad to users searching FROM can be set to display only for users from certain locations.
      • Set an inclusion list to target only users searching FROM specific locations. You can add as many locations as you want.
      • Set an exclusion list to target users everywhere except for the specific locations that you want excluded from the list.
    • IP Addresses: You may exclude specific IP addresses of your choosing. Certain IP addresses have been automatically excluded so that searches made by IAM or IAMX staff do not get charged to your account.

Sponsored Placement Algorithm
The IAMX-Sponsored Placement system will determine:

  1. which companies meet the inclusions and exclusions for the location of the user doing the search.
  2. which companies meet the inclusions and exclusions for the location that is being searched for.
  3. which companies have a positive monthly budget balance.
  4. which companies have a positive daily budget balance.
  5. which company is the highest bidding company in case of multiple bids and give it the top placement.
  6. which company has the highest daily balance available in case of companies having the same bid amounts and give it the top placement.

How to Set Up a Sponsored Placement in IAMX

  1. Sign in to IAM Mobility Exchange
  2. Reset your password if you have forgotten it: Password Reset
  3. Click Admin
  4. Select IAMX Ads
  5. Select Setup Billing
  6. Enter your credit card details. This will charge your card the one-time Ad Setup Fee of $50. This is the card that will be charged monthly for your Sponsored Placement Program fees.

How to Monitor Your Sponsored Placements
Detailed reporting on the traffic at IAM Mobility Exchange is available at IAMX Data Analytics.

After the end of each month, you can download your invoice and also Excel reports showing the time, user city, user country and IP address of each impression. Just sign in to IAMX. Under the Admin menu, click IAMX Ads. Select your campaign and you will see the options to download Activity Reports and Manage your account.

For more information, schedule an online meeting anytime to discuss your Sponsored Ad Strategy:
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