IAMTrusted Industry Partner

Commitments Honored, Disputes Resolved, Professionalism Assured

IAM Industry Partner Members provide products and services which are vital to the moving industry’s ability to serve our customers. Industry Partners can also encompass corporate and government customers, and Global Relocation Management companies who engage the services of the moving industry.

The International Association of Movers (IAM) promotes an environment of inclusion which invites into membership moving services providers, their suppliers and their customers regardless of size as long as they meet the IAM requirements for business compliance and experience. Our business relies on the ability of members to engage in trade with each other, frequently across international borders usually without formal contractual relationships. Successful moving services providers are experts at supply chain review and management allowing them to select the best partners suited to the specific requirements of their customers.

The IAM developed the IAM Mobility Exchange (IAMX) Online Directory to faciliate the cataloging and categorization of service providers and suppliers. IAMX is accepted as the Universal Service Provider Directory for the moving industry.

The IAMX Validation is a voluntary program which permits IAM Members to present documentary evidence or live links to validate memberships, compliance and quality qualifications. The IAMX-Validated logo provides users an assurance that the qualifications presented in their IAMX can be trusted.

The IAMTrusted Moving Company (ITMC) Program developed as a natural extension of IAMX Validation. ITMCs pledge their adherence to abide by the IAM Code of Ethics and the ITMC Agreement. In short, the commitments made by an ITMC are backed by the IAM Issue Resolution System (IIRS). ITMCs are bound to strict guidelines and timelines for dispute resolution in the IIRS at the risk of losing their ITMC status for non-compliance. Professionalism is Assured.

The IAMTrusted Industry Partner (ITIP) Program applies the ITMC principles of Commitments Honored, Disputes Resolved and Professionalism Assured to IAM’s Industry Partner Members.

Key Benefits of Working with an IAMTrusted Industry Partner

  • Trust – All qualifications including those related to ITIP Agreement are documented and validated through the IAMX Validation system.
  • Minimize Financial Risk – The IIRS procedures incentivize prompt settlement of financial transactions and provide a strict timeline to resolve financial disputes. IAM is also able to assist member companies sooner when you report early through the IIRS.
  • Assurance of Professional Conduct – An ITIP agrees to the written rules of professional conduct outlined in the ITIP Agreement and agrees to be bound by the IIRS procedures in the event that an ethics issue is raised against them.
  • Dynamic Display of ITIP Status – Unlike quality assurance programs that rely on infrequent, periodic snapshots of a company’s status, the ITIP program displays a dynamically updated designation logo based on objective metrics related to the adherence to the ITIP Agreement.
  • Objective Status Ranking – The ITIP designation is not based on subjective user reviews which may be open to manipulation. The ITIP logo depicts the current status of that company’s adherence to the ITIP Agreement in real time.

Current List of Approved ITMC Early Adopters

IAM Mobility Exchange – the online connection for the International Association of Movers, the Universal Service Provider Directory for the moving industry and the only trusted source for IAMTrusted Industry Partner status. Click the graphic below to see our current list of IAMTrusted Industry Partners.

Click here to view the list of requirements and fees associated with the ITIP Program: Requirements & Fees

IAMTrusted Industry Partner – Professionalism Assured

Built on collaboration & trust.

Our business relies on our ability to collaborate with service partners and suppliers operating to professionally expected standards. This system, built on experience and trust, works remarkably well. Most transactions flow seamlessly without formal written contracts but the few exceptions create tremendous friction, inefficiency and financial risk for the industry.

Assuring Adherence to a Professional Code of Conduct

The IAMTrusted Industry Partner (“ITIP“) designation recognizes IAM industry partner companies that have made significant investments in their business to promote a culture of competence, knowledge, and conscientiousness within their staff and wish to display a tangible commitment of their trustworthiness to their industry colleagues.

IAMTrusted Industry Partner Agreement

The ITIP Agreement lists the requirements that IAM industry partner members must adhere to as a condition of earning and maintaining their ITIP designation. ITIP Agreement is built upon the foundation of the Code of Ethics of the International Association of Movers which all IAM Members are bound by.

The ITIP Agreement stresses truth and fairness in advertising, sales and customer service practices that build and maintain customer trust and confidence in the professional moving industry. The ITIP Agreement relies on the IAMX-Validation system to document, review and validate IAMTrusted Industry Partner requirements.

The ITIP Agreement requires each ITIP to agree to be bound by the processes of the IAM Issue Resolution System (IIRS).

Click here to view the complete IAMTrusted Industry Partner Agreement document.

IAM Issue Resolution System (IIRS)

While most transactions between IAM member companies are concluded successfully, occasional issues may arise. These issues can be classified into 4 major categories:

  • Financial – Issues related to financial disputes or non-payment of transactions charges.
  • Operational – Issues related to operational issues related to a transaction
  • Ethics – Ethics or professional code of conduct violations
  • IAM Trademark Infringement – misuse of the IAM name, logos or trademarks.

Any IAM member company will be able to report an issue through the IIRS automated system at IAM Mobility Exchange. While all IAM members are bound by the IAM Code of Ethics, an ITIP voluntarily agrees to abide by the IIRS Guidelines which stipulate a strict timeline for issue acknowledgement and resolution. In addition, if that issue resolution cannot be achieved between the involved parties within the resolution period, an ITIP agrees to abide by any judgment resulting from an Issue referred by IAM Staff to its established resolution processes in the RPP Operating Rules and Regulations and IAM Procedures for Dispute Resolution and Ethics Enforcement.

An ITIP displays their IAMTrusted Industry Partner logo denoting their status in good standing as part of their IAMX company profile. Any failure to abide by the IIRS timeline milestones and processes will result in the removal of ITIP status.  The ITIP logo will be removed from that company’s IAMX profile until that company’s ITIP status has been reinstated.

Additional penalties may apply depending on the frequency and severity of IIRS procedure violations. The complete rules and procedures of the IIRS are outlined in the IIRS Guidelines.

View the Training Course for IIRS Procedures at IAM Learning: IIRS Procedures Course

Requirements & Program Costs

  • Applicant must be an IAM Member in good standing with at least 4 years in business
    • Branches of ITMC Parent in the same country are not required to meet the 4 years in business requirement
  • ITIP application requires IAMX Validation
    • For IAM Premier & Core Members – IAMX Validation is included in membership
    • For IAM Value Members- IAMX Validation Annual fee is US$250
  • IAMTrusted Industry Partner Specialist (ITIPS) on staff – ITIPS Training Program is US$325 per enrollment.
    • For IAM Member branches of the ITIP Parent company:
      • 1 to 5 branches – 1 ITIPS on staff
      • 6 to 10 branches – 2 ITIPS on staff
      • 11 to 20 branches – 3 ITIPS on staff
      • 21+ branches – 5 ITIPS on staff
    • A staff member at the branch must complete the following course:
    • ITIP Standard Annual Fee – US$500
    • IAM Member Branches of ITIP in same country as parent – Included in branch membership fee. No separate ITIP fee for branch offices in same country as parent.
    • IAM Member Branches of ITIP in different country than parent – US$250 each
  • Company Principal must complete the IAMTrusted Industry Partner Course
    • Enrollment is free
  • Company Principal must complete the digital IAMTrusted Affirmation Form
    • Access via IAMX Company Profile

IAM Code of Ethics

IAMTrusted Moving Company Agreement

IAM Issue Resolution System Guidelines

View the IIRS Procedures Training Course at IAM Learning: IIRS Procedures Course

IAMTrusted Industry Partner Affirmation

The digital IAMTrusted Industry Affirmation Form is available at IAMX. To complete and submit the form, you must a principal of your company that is authorized to affirm the ITIP commitments on behalf of your company. Here are the steps:

Once you have met all four of those requirements, the green tick marks will show approval of these requirements (Green Arrow), you are ready to submit your ITMC Affirmation Form (Click Red Arrow).

The IAMTrusted Industry Partner Overview Training Course

The IAMTrusted Industry Partner Overview Training Course is available at IAM Learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees associated with the ITIP program?

You can see the list of requirements and fees here: Requirements & Fees

What are the requirements to apply for the ITIP designation?

The requirements can be found in here: Requirements & Fees

What about my branch offices?

Branch offices of an IAMTrusted Industry Partner in the same country as the parent are eligible to receive the IAMTrusted Industry Partner designation at no additional fee. The branch offices must be an IAMX-Validated member. They must adhere to requirements 2 thru 9 of the IAMTrusted Industry Partner Agreement. Branch offices of an IAMTrusted Industry Partner Parent do not require an IAMTrusted Moving Company Specialist on staff. Please see the Requirements & Program Fees section for detailed information.

The annual fee for branch members located outside of the country of their parent is US$250.

What happens if my company accidentally fails to meet a requirement of the ITIP program?

Any failure to meet any of the requirements of the ITIP Agreement will result in the immediate loss of ITIP status and removal of the ITIP logo from that company’s profile in IAM Mobility Exchange.

Can I apply to reinstate my ITMC designation after losing it?

An ITIP that loses their ITIP status may apply to be reinstated by:

  • Correcting the issue that caused the loss of ITIP status.
  • Submitting a written plan to prevent recurrence of the issue.
  • Waiting a 30-day period from the date of application for reinstatement.

An ITIP that has 3 or more failures to abide by the ITIP Agreement in a 12-month period will have their ITIP status suspended for 1 year. The ITIP may apply for reinstatement by:

  • Correcting any outstanding issues that caused the loss of ITIP status.
  • Submitting a written plan to prevent recurrences of the issues.
  • Waiting a 365-day period from the date of application for reinstatement


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