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IAMX Resource Pages provide content on topics of interest to the global moving industry. The information is brought to you as a free service by our valued sponsors.

Voxme Software

Digital Inventories Sponsored by Voxme Software, Inc.

Handwritten inventories have a number of inherent limitations. They are inefficient and digital inventories represent a huge opportunity for the industry to improve customer satisfaction and reduce errors in claims processing.

Supply Chain Disruption - 2022

The Great Supply Chain Disruption – 2022Sponsored by ISS Relocations

It is now 2022.  Empty store shelves, delays, staffing shortages, and unpredictability have become the norm.  To help moving consumers understand how the great supply chain disruption began and how the effects touched every aspect of our daily lives including the impacts on the global moving industry, the International Association of Movers has produced this IAMX Resource page and a short video chronicling its causes and effects. 

IAMX Search Result

IAM Supplier Member AdvertisementsSponsored by IAM Mobility Exchange

Last year IAMX hosted over 480,000 searches by moving and relocation industry professionals who use our search and filtering tools to find and qualify service partners around the world. Now IAM supplier members have an exclusive opportunity to feature their brand and message to these industry professionals.

IAM Management ForumsSponsored by IAM Mobility Exchange

The IAM Management Training Forum incorporates the training content of the 60 Minute CFO – Financial Disciplines for Movers with scheduled live online forum sessions. As you go through the 15 sections of the Financial Disciplines for Movers course, you will participate in a series of live forum sessions with other industry managers to discuss not only the financial and management principals covered in the respective sections but also share how these principals practically relate to your business in today’s business environment.

Staff Development Plan

New Hire OrientationSponsored by IAM Mobility Exchange

The first program developed for IAM Learning is the Move Coordinator Training Program. As an introduction to Move Coordination skills, it serves as an excellent online learning resource complete with videos, text, illustrative documents, links to relevant resources, self-assessments and course assignments that allow learner-instructor interaction.